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New videos Shosanna La Fayette Live

Here are some videos of Sara Czerny's solo project Shosanna La Fayette live at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the 13th of July. Watch out as she releases something of this temporally satisfying sound.
News from the FU: we just visited Bruxelles, Antwerp and Amsterdam for a string of shows with Czech/Danish filmmaker and musician Martin Klapper. and

Premiering the same night in Bruxelles and Amsterdam was the film Taped Nightmare (Båndet Mareridt) by Iselin Toubro and Jonas Frederiksen featuring a whole cast of the Copenhagen scene including Nicolas Felix Kauffmann and Sara Czerny. Good shit!

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for the old school archives live in the dark:
Review of recent show(in danish):

Recent Activity and Upcoming Action

March 3. Family Underground and Grouper(US) @ Mayhem CPH.

April we will play a collab show with Martin Klapper in Brussels @ Bozar. 8mm projections and sweet music. for more misleading info chck this out if you know danish, 
Bio is somewhat lacking. we will try and correct this by posting a recent description of the FU so far.   

13. January Nattmaran, Gothenburg with LR, Lust For Youth
14. January Show in Stockholm at Södra Teatern
Great times!