Family Underground: The Dark Light Years - LP - itln no. 33 (460 copies)

New album is now released from Into the Lunar Night Recordings. This is the 13th vinyl lp from Family Underground and a new side of the band 6 songs about love, drugs, strange/cool people(ie. freaks) and life in general. 

You can get it as digital download here:

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Live action from the underground

And check our pals tour for more info on their tour
A couple of long overdue news bulletins from the FU camp: 

23rd of November Family Underground will be opening for MV & EE at Stengade 30.

Here's a link:

At the show we will have copies of our brand new self released vinyl album entitled 'The Dark Light Years' on Into the Lunar Night Recordings.  This will be FU's 13th album so come celebrate with us.

On the 25th there will be a more special release party of sorts with special guests at our space D7 right next to the venue Mayhem. This night will feature performances from the band but in collaboration with our special guest/s (or not).

More to follow here. 

Family Underground in Finland *The Anniversary Tour*


                                                               (With TOmUtonTtU)

Dynamo, Turku, Finland
(With Räyskäpari)

14.2. klo 21-02
Family Underground (DK)

 Bird By Snow (USA)


+ Mental Alaska dj:t

Lepakkomies, Helsinginkatu 1

liput 5e

New FU active lifestyle

Watch out for news on upcoming live shows in Finland between February the 11th to the 16th of Feb.
We will bring the dates here as they come ticking in. Come out and say 'where you been?'

Family Underground duo live at Mayhem Februar 2012 video from youtube.