Some news from the underground. 
Plans for 2015. More dates to be announced.
Amsterdam - OCCII 15th 
Rotterdam - Poortgebouw w. Venein 16th
TBC 17th 
Bruxelles - Kraak - 18th 
Paris - Instants Chavirés with Wolf Eyes 5th 
FB event  

tix on line :
This coming Tuesday the 25th of November at Mayhem The Timeless Reality will perform a string of their songs and rip it up on the flipside.  

 Timeless Reality
Yo it's time to put on your daNCING boots and get up to get down. FU will be flippin' records this saturday at Mayhem as a celebration of the centennial for William Seward Burroughs birth. So come on out and cut the shit UP

Tour Plans in Progress Booked for playing this installation show: in Bruxelles on the 18th of January. More news to follow as it comes in if you are a booker in Euro zone and want hook us up for a show get in contact.
Hey some news here from the darkening side. Family Underground has been confirmed to perform at this years Festival of Endless Gratitude ( . This will be the 3rd or fourth time FU will perform there in some or other guise. We are scheduled for a Friday slot at around 21 PM (but guessing the program hasn't been set in stone yet) so come out and enjoy this years fantastic program and say hi to us at the merch table.... we dont bite!

FU has also just completed the recording, mixing and tracking for our new release soon to come out on Ba Da Bing Records ( so stay tuned for more news on this.

Get the newest Family Underground album here in both digital download format and LP

Yo news to Peruse! Check out the link below  of a interview with the Sara and Nicolas of Family Underground with Denmarks Radios Cool Daddy Jan Sneum.
It's in danish but we jam some tracks and Sneum plays some of our new record The Dark Light Years.

 Once again it's time for a great night out on the city.
7th of October the Lunar Night Conglomerate will present in coorporation with KNTN a slew of the finest players around this hemisphere.

Be there on time as music will start at no later than 21:00.

Monopoly Child Star Searchers (US)

Spencer Clark, Ex-Skaters and future king of exotic Calyptic supremacy.

Dolphins into the Future (BE)

Lieven Martens shaking up his bag of pearls and pebbles from the Azorean shores.

Katsura Yamauchi (Jap)

Japanese sax equilibrium from the old yeller of the Tokyo avant scene.

Deeplands (DK)

Klaus Hansen and  Lukas Højlund. The Ren & Stimpy show for the generation holy-rollers.


Sara Czerny and Nicolas Kauffmann go places no one wants to visit.

All this and more @
MAYHEM - Ragnhildsgade no 1
start 20:00
entry 50Dkr

Here's a link to a great little radioshow from the our friends at KRAAK headquarters featuring a track from the ltest FU LP The Dark Light Years... enjoy!

Into The Lunar Night & KNTN præsenterer

Asmus Thietchens (DE)
Lafayette (DK)
Dj Zipo (DE)

13/9-2014 @ Mayhem
Kl 20:00 Entre 50 kr


Sara C. Czerny a longtime active mainstay in Copenhagens music scene as part of Family Underground, Silvercords, Speckled Band and Timeless Reality among others. With her solo- Lafayette -she has been working with samples beats and loops to create an experimental dance music. But dont expect anything recognizable it's always unpredictable.

Asmus Thietchens

The Hamburg based avantgarde composer Asmus Tietchens is one of the most important figures in the field of non-academic electronic music and sound manipulation. Since the 70ies he has published more than 70 CDs on labels all around the world (Staalplaat, Multimood, line, aufabwgeen, Die Stadt, Soleilmoon, Korm Plastics, United Dairies, etc.) and has collaborated with many sound artists (Thomas Köner, Vidna Obmana, Okko Bekker, Achim Wollscheid, etc.). Since the early days his music has evolved from rhythm-based synth tunes to free sound manipulations with a strong sensivity for the sources being used. His sounds are both analytical and emotional. Recently he has been working on a series of transformed white noise and sine wave tones that resulted in a three CD series on the renowned Ritornell/Mille Plateaux label.

Tietchens is also a theoretician and teacher of music. At Hamburg Politech he teaches soundscapes and publishes essays on musical phenomena in magazines such as Bad Alchemy or Auf Abwegen. In 2003 Asmus Tietchens has been the first composer outside of subsidized New Music to win the famous Karl Sczuka Prize for radiophonic composition at the Donaueschinger Musiktage (awarded ba South German National radio SWR with 12.500 euros). Tietchens was given the prize for his work “Sechs Heidelberger Studien“ in which he transformed the sounds of a massive printing device (Heidelberger Tiegel) into his own sound-compositions.

Asmus Tietchens will be accompanied by DJ Zipo from aufabwegen magazine and label in Germany. Aufabwgeen has published a monography about Asmus Tietchens in 1998 and various works on CD, among them collaborations with Jon Mueller and Richard Chartier. Tietchens also contributes to Auf Abwgeen magazine.
DJ Zipo will play a set of drone/field recordings/avantgare collages before and after the concert.

Family Underground 
The Dark Light Years
LP only

 One time pressing in an edition of 466 copies worldwide.

Order direct from us it's the way to do it!

While supplies last.

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This Saturday the 26th of July FU will perform at Fanø Free Folk Festival at around 21:30
So come join the party if you're on the West Coast
It's going to be creepy crawling

 FU will play at this years Distortion Festival in Copenhagen playing on the 5th of June at Oehlenschleager gades School.
come out

FU goin' westcoast in the DK! in July at the Fanø Free Folk Festival July 25-29.

Check it out-

Back from Oslo

Played a show in Oslo this Friday with other danish acts> BLAST!

Forthcoming live action is due May 30th in Hamburg at Radio>

This will be a show with FU performing and Asmus Thietchens solo show.

Mike Gangloff and Cara Joyce Live at D7 6. March 2014

D7 (next to Mayhem) Ragnhildsgade 1 KBH.
entrance 50kr
Start 21:00

Mike Gangloff is a wandering spirit in contemporary American folk and psychedelic Musick.
He first visited Copenhagen in 2002 with the group Pelt which saw a cast of real heads including the nonchalant and always curious Jack Rose(R.I.P). 
Mike has since then continued his work in a acoustic raga inspired form with Pelt, but his bulk of work over the recent many years has also seen him delve into the Fiddle and Banjo adopting his Virginia home music styles as Bluegrass and whatever else comes from the mountains.... In groups such as Spiral Joy Band and The Black Twig Pickers.
This evening at D7 he will play a set with his travelling companion in life and on this tour Cara Joyce. So come and see what's what.   

More about Mike Gangloff:
Year of the Horse
be back with more news

Samara Lubelski (US) - Solo violin optræden
Family Underground (DK)

entré 50kr.
døre kl 20:30
showtime 21:30

Samara Lubelski er en amerikansk sanger, guitarist og violinist. Bosat og opvokset på Lower Eastside, NYC. Lubelski har været aktiv i den amerikanske undergrund siden start 1990'erne
og har spillet i bands som Sonora Pine, Hall Of Fame, Jackie O Motherfucker, Bummer Road o.m.a.
For nylig har man kunnet se hende optræde som bassist og violinist i Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore's post Sonic Youth band.
Lubelski har udgivet en række solo albums igennem nullerne, hovedsageligt på pladeselskaberne Social Registry og Destijl.
Med større sikkerhed har hun fundet frem til sin egen stemme. Musikken er altid en rimelig atmosfærisk tilmed psykedelisk musik med rødder i amerikansk experimetalisme og mere esoteriske genrer.
I denne forfatters øjne har hun altid haft et strejf af Science Fiction(litteraturen), som Lubelski holder meget af.
På denne aften kan vi stolt præsentere Samara Lubelski solo på violin. Et instrument hun har udforsket på pladen 'In The Valley' (C.O.M 7) i 2002.
Desuden har Lubelski, sammen med den amerikanske guitarist Marcia Basset(Double Leopards, Hototogisu), lavet to fantastiske abstrakte plader med violin og guitar som hovedinstrumenter.
Så Lubelski er dykket dybere og dybere ned i de mikrotonale proportioner violinen kan levere samtidig med at hun er trådt fuldt ud som en gedigen rocker.
Denne tour er med pladen 'String Cycle' der udkommer på det belgiske selskab Ultra Eczema.

Family Underground har lige udgivet en ny LP på pladeselskabet Into The Lunar Night Recordings.
LP'en 'The Dark Light Years' er kommet ud af et års arbejde med en række sange der danner bro mellem industriel rock og abstrakt minimalisme.
FU har spillet og arbejdet i KBH gennem de sidste 12 år og med denne deres 13. vinyl udgivelse hilser de et nyt velkommen som opvarming for en næsten ligeså gammel ven Lubelski.