Mike Gangloff and Cara Joyce Live at D7 6. March 2014

D7 (next to Mayhem) Ragnhildsgade 1 KBH.
entrance 50kr
Start 21:00

Mike Gangloff is a wandering spirit in contemporary American folk and psychedelic Musick.
He first visited Copenhagen in 2002 with the group Pelt which saw a cast of real heads including the nonchalant and always curious Jack Rose(R.I.P). 
Mike has since then continued his work in a acoustic raga inspired form with Pelt, but his bulk of work over the recent many years has also seen him delve into the Fiddle and Banjo adopting his Virginia home music styles as Bluegrass and whatever else comes from the mountains.... In groups such as Spiral Joy Band and The Black Twig Pickers.
This evening at D7 he will play a set with his travelling companion in life and on this tour Cara Joyce. So come and see what's what.   

More about Mike Gangloff:   http://www.klang.org/artists/7