Into The Lunar Night & KNTN præsenterer

Asmus Thietchens (DE)
Lafayette (DK)
Dj Zipo (DE)

13/9-2014 @ Mayhem
Kl 20:00 Entre 50 kr


Sara C. Czerny a longtime active mainstay in Copenhagens music scene as part of Family Underground, Silvercords, Speckled Band and Timeless Reality among others. With her solo- Lafayette -she has been working with samples beats and loops to create an experimental dance music. But dont expect anything recognizable it's always unpredictable.

Asmus Thietchens

The Hamburg based avantgarde composer Asmus Tietchens is one of the most important figures in the field of non-academic electronic music and sound manipulation. Since the 70ies he has published more than 70 CDs on labels all around the world (Staalplaat, Multimood, line, aufabwgeen, Die Stadt, Soleilmoon, Korm Plastics, United Dairies, etc.) and has collaborated with many sound artists (Thomas Köner, Vidna Obmana, Okko Bekker, Achim Wollscheid, etc.). Since the early days his music has evolved from rhythm-based synth tunes to free sound manipulations with a strong sensivity for the sources being used. His sounds are both analytical and emotional. Recently he has been working on a series of transformed white noise and sine wave tones that resulted in a three CD series on the renowned Ritornell/Mille Plateaux label.

Tietchens is also a theoretician and teacher of music. At Hamburg Politech he teaches soundscapes and publishes essays on musical phenomena in magazines such as Bad Alchemy or Auf Abwegen. In 2003 Asmus Tietchens has been the first composer outside of subsidized New Music to win the famous Karl Sczuka Prize for radiophonic composition at the Donaueschinger Musiktage (awarded ba South German National radio SWR with 12.500 euros). Tietchens was given the prize for his work “Sechs Heidelberger Studien“ in which he transformed the sounds of a massive printing device (Heidelberger Tiegel) into his own sound-compositions.

Asmus Tietchens will be accompanied by DJ Zipo from aufabwegen magazine and label in Germany. Aufabwgeen has published a monography about Asmus Tietchens in 1998 and various works on CD, among them collaborations with Jon Mueller and Richard Chartier. Tietchens also contributes to Auf Abwgeen magazine.
DJ Zipo will play a set of drone/field recordings/avantgare collages before and after the concert.

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