Shows this May

Hey people here we go again to Finland this time in May 2016. Come check out Family Underground perform at these dates:

Sara Czerny and Nicolas F. Kauffmann will do workshop in Helsinki about sound, improvisation and listening. it will take place here: 

13/5- 2016 

14/5- 2016  
Turku - Himera Festival where our friend Fursaxa will be performing and Graham Lambkin will perform. 

 Pori - with Fursaxa, Alan Wilkinson (UK) & Janne Tuomi.

Slooow book release

Its with great honour that we announce the release of ''Mellow my mind, a Sloow Tapes discography'' a book/anthology by writer/poet/musicmaker and friend, Bart de Paepe.

The book is dedicated to former FU member Jesper Hedegaard R.I.P. 

so check it out and buy it via this link: