Summer shows

Summer is ready for a good time. Family Underground will be playing a string of shows over the next month or so so if you're at Roskilde Festival or in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands come out and say hello. Here's some links and dates for our upcoming actions

1. July at 14:35 Mayhem/Escho scene at Roskilde Festival, Denmark

17. July : Groningen, Netherlands

18. July : Het Bos with Endless Boogie - Antwerp, Belgium 

22. July : Valkhof Festival - Nijmegen, Netherlands

photo by Jonna Karanka

FU play at Roskilde Festival

Hey just a quick note for the festival goers. Family Underground will be rocking and bopping the Mayhem produced stage at
The show will be a blast and takes place 1st of July so come over and bang your head slowly...